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It can be easy to take one’s eyes for granted. After all, you use them so constantly, and have done so since the day of your birth, that it’s hard to imagine a world in which you cannot see. But take a moment to imagine never again seeing another dawn or sunset, or a loved one’s face – or being unable to drive or to read without alternate means. Not a pleasant thought, is it? But for those of us with degenerating eyesight, it can sometimes seem like an imminent reality.

Thankfully, modern science has uncovered means to deal with all kinds of ocular disorders, from simple near- or far-sightedness to cataracts and a range of other eye diseases.

In the Placerville area, your best option for experienced, board-certified eye doctors is Cedar Eye Center Medical Group. Our three board-certified physicians offer you a wealth of choices when it comes to dealing with the health of your eyes.

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We perform eye examinations to help you get the right lenses for your eyes, and our optical department with in-house lab can easily craft your lenses. With Lasik and PRK corrective surgery, we can turn your present myopia into crystal clear, lens-free vision. And if your eyes are threatened by cataracts or other eye diseases, we can help you there too.

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